"The Fighting Sullivans" - The Sullivan brothers - WWII sailors who, serving together on the USS Juneau, were all killed in action on its sinking (Nov.13.1942) - The Wreckage was just found

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21 Mar 2018 20:13 - +415
Feel terrible for the mother and father but also the person who had to notify them. Not 1 but all 5 of your sons are dead
21 Mar 2018 19:59 - +270
"The Sullivan brothers on board USS Juneau; from left to right: Joe, Frank, Al, Matt and George. World War II sailors who, serving together on the USS Juneau (CL-52), were all killed in action on its sinking around November 13, 1942. The Sullivans enlisted in the US Navy on January 3, 1942, with the stipulation that they serve together. The Navy had a policy of separating siblings, but this was not strictly enforced. George and Frank had served in the Navy before, but their brothers had not. All five were assigned to the light cruiser USS Juneau. The Juneau participated in a number of naval engagements during the months-long Guadalcanal Campaign beginning in August 1942. Early in the morning of November 13, 1942, during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, the Juneau was struck by a Japanese torpedo and forced to withdraw. Later that day, as it was leaving the Solomon Islands' area for the Allied rear-area base at Espiritu Santo with other surviving US warships from battle, the Juneau was struck again, this time by a torpedo from Japanese submarine I-26. The torpedo likely hit the thinly armored light cruiser at or near the ammunition magazines and the ship exploded and quickly sank. " - wikipedia
21 Mar 2018 20:18 - +92
Imagine the silent holidays after that. The incredible silence that dominated that poor woman’s consciousness until she died.
21 Mar 2018 20:24 - +71
My elementary school was named after the Sullivan brothers. I'm glad they found the USS Juneau.
21 Mar 2018 20:26 - +64
Check out the song “Sullivan” by Caroline Spine....nice tribute to their mother.
21 Mar 2018 20:58 - +34
My "greatest generation" grandparents made me watch [the movie about the Sullivan family](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fighting_Sullivans) when I was a kid and it made a powerful impression on me. It went a long way toward disabusing me of any romantic ideals I might have about war, and created an idea of the terrible sacrifices involved. Now, as a world-weary Gen Xer raising [Generation Z](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_Z) kids, I've introduced them to it as well.
21 Mar 2018 20:25 - +13
There is an incredible song by Caroline's Spine called *Mrs Sullivan* about this incident. I'll see if I can link it on mobile.
21 Mar 2018 20:40 - +11
Arleigh Burke destroyer DDG-68 USS The Sullivans is named for the brothers.
21 Mar 2018 21:30 - +7
As a Iowan I heard this story when I was a kid and because I have 4 brothers. Can't imagine my Mom having to deal with loosing all of us at once.
21 Mar 2018 22:03 - +6
These poor men are the reason why if you have a sibling in the military and you need to fly or sail somewhere, you'll never be put together.
21 Mar 2018 20:00 - +5
21 Mar 2018 21:16 - +5
This photo aptly shows why U.S. Navy sailors were once called "bluejackets." The hats the Sullivans are wearing date from the pre-war, 1930's era. There was another class of sailors on board larger Navy ships, back when the U.S. armed services were segregated by race, that served as stewards and waiters in the officers' mess, that were all black or Asian (usually Filipino) and who wore white jackets. I had a black teacher who told us that he volunteered for the Navy on December 8, 1941, but only if the recruiter guaranteed that he would serve as a "bluejacket" in combat, and not as a steward in "whites." He was trained as a machinist's mate, and a member of the engine crew, and served in the Pacific until the end of the war.
21 Mar 2018 20:35 - +4
This is as sad as the pals battalions
21 Mar 2018 21:53 - +4
In WW1 and also in the US Civil War most regiments came from the very same village. That meant that in some battles literally whole villages were wiped out and not a single man returned. Thats why by the start of WW2 they were already mixing the composition of the units by origin of the soldiers.
21 Mar 2018 20:41 - +4
geez, honestly gave me shivers when I read that. Absolute heroes.
21 Mar 2018 20:00 - +3
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21 Mar 2018 21:44 - +3
My mom works at a school named after the brothers. The staff were all super happy and emotional to hear about the wreckage being found
21 Mar 2018 22:29 - +3
The Sullivans are actually hometown heroes. If you visit the Sullivan museum in Iowa you can see an unopened letter from each of the brothers to their mother that she received after their deaths. Pretty heartbreaking.
21 Mar 2018 22:56 - +2
Everyone always remembers the USS Juneau for the Sullivan brothers, I always knew it as the boat my great-uncle died on. Weird that they found it.
21 Mar 2018 21:51 - +2
Did Saving Private Ryan lie to me? I thought there was a policy in the US armed forces where siblings couldn't serve in the same unit or area or something like that to avoid situations like this?
21 Mar 2018 23:07 - +2
This is why you spread your investment people, to avoid accidents such as these:
21 Mar 2018 22:06 - +2
Weren’t sibling soldiers generally supposed to be in deployed in different areas, to prevent multiple dying, and destroying a family and all that? Edit: after browsing the comments people have said they’re a big reason why this was put into place. Super sad, at least they got the new policy put into place
21 Mar 2018 22:59 - +2
There's a song by the band Caroline Spine about this. It's really good.
21 Mar 2018 22:14 - +2
look at their cute little coats
21 Mar 2018 22:50 - +1
Was it luck that they found it?
21 Mar 2018 22:28 - +1
RIP, sailors.
21 Mar 2018 21:29 - +1
In Buffalo NY, on the riverfront there is the USS The Sullivan's, a destroyer named in their honor, parked alongside the USS Little Rock light cruiser, they are tourable as part or the naval museum right next door. Its really interesting, and worth the stop if you are ever there.
21 Mar 2018 21:43 - +1
No blacks in this pic? Where is the outrage over diversity?
21 Mar 2018 21:58 - +1
My Elementary school on a military base in Japan was named after them.
21 Mar 2018 22:36 - +1
Yeah, I saw them once and spoke to he lead singer. He said he felt inspired to right the song because he was from Iowa originally and he was one of a bunch of brothers, can’t remember how many exactly.
21 Mar 2018 22:05 - +1
wow, I went to an elementary school in Yokosuka Japan named after them. I still remember part of the school song.
21 Mar 2018 21:57 - +1
My grandmother's maiden name is Sullivan. Not sure how but grew up being told they were part of the family.
21 Mar 2018 22:08 - +1
21 Mar 2018 22:23 - +1
Their story inspired the movie Saving Private Ryan.
21 Mar 2018 22:14 - +1
Videos in this thread: [Watch Playlist ▶](http://subtletv.com/_r861h5i?feature=playlist&nline=1) VIDEO|COMMENT -|- [The Fighting Sullivans Ending scene](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGX3KjIv6HE)|[+35](https://www.reddit.com/r/ColorizedHistory/comments/861h5i/_/dw1qaxx?context=10#dw1qaxx) - Better illustrated in the movie “The Fighting Sullivans” Edit: found the clip, starts around 3:33 The Fighting Sullivans [Caroline's Spine - Sullivan [Acoustic]](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFoVjFd_two)|[+10](https://www.reddit.com/r/ColorizedHistory/comments/861h5i/_/dw1pa4j?context=10#dw1pa4j) - Caroine's Spine wrote a song about them: [sullivan - caroline's spine](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi8wMWInVFs)|[+4](https://www.reddit.com/r/ColorizedHistory/comments/861h5i/_/dw1s0m1?context=10#dw1s0m1) - Song about the brothers [Mrs Sullivan - Caroline's Spine](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bFYDQB68_s)|[+1](https://www.reddit.com/r/ColorizedHistory/comments/861h5i/_/dw1s2fx?context=10#dw1s2fx) - Cool song about the Sullivans... by Caroline's Spine I'm a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. I'll keep this updated as long as I can. *** [Play All](http://subtletv.com/_r861h5i?feature=playlist&ftrlnk=1) | [Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/SubtleTV/wiki/mentioned_videos) | Get me on [Chrome](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mentioned-videos-for-redd/fiimkmdalmgffhibfdjnhljpnigcmohf) / [Firefox](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/mentioned-videos-for-reddit)
21 Mar 2018 22:31 - +1
There's a song from Carolines Spine called Sullivan, obviously about the brothers and the mother. The acoustic is haunting and heartbreaking, I suggest checking it out! https://youtu.be/aFoVjFd_two hopefully the link works.
21 Mar 2018 22:14 - +1
Family members of mine, idk how I think they were distant cousins, grandma just told me about them and then I saw a movie about them. Later found out that I wasn't actually related to them because my grandma was out slumming it up with some other dude and made my grandpa believe my dad was his kid lol.
21 Mar 2018 22:49 - +1
These guys are from Iowa
21 Mar 2018 22:14 - +1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bFYDQB68_s Cool song about the Sullivans... by Caroline's Spine
21 Mar 2018 22:52 - +1
Paul Allen again? The dude is on a tear! He's found the Ward, the Indianapolis, the Lexington...
21 Mar 2018 22:17 - +1
My great uncle served on the Juneau. Surprised it took this long to find the ship.
21 Mar 2018 21:50 - +-1
well that was stupid! put all 5 brothers in one ship, the ship sinks, the entire family is devasted.

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