My dad doesn’t quite understand Reddit but he’s having kidney surgery today for the second time in two weeks and could use some support from a few internet strangers.

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14 Mar 2018 23:04 - +3435
What's with this new trend of whoring out sick family members for karma and Facebook likes? The internet can be so fucking lame sometimes.
14 Mar 2018 23:28 - +883
Stop whoring out old and ill people for karma. It's a scummy thing to do and doesn't contribute anything to Reddit.
14 Mar 2018 23:21 - +590
I'm sorry your dad is having surgery but for fuck's sake, keep this off the internet. Why do you care what anonymous people on the internet have to say to your dad? Just be with him, don't whore him out for points.
14 Mar 2018 23:29 - +358
That is not what this site is for, that is not what this subreddit is for. /r/sobstories
14 Mar 2018 23:47 - +257
If I'm ever sick getting ready for surgery the last thing I want to here from is redditors
15 Mar 2018 00:07 - +184
I really hope your dad is ok. But do not understand why you think it's appropriate to pimp out a sick man for karma. You know that's what you are doing. If you want support speak to friends and family
15 Mar 2018 00:11 - +115
We Facebook now. Seriously though he doesn't care about 'internet strangers', you just want karma.
15 Mar 2018 00:35 - +59
What's the point of "support from a few internet strangers"? Do you expect that to honestly make him feel better, or are you just whoring out sick family members for imaginary internet karma?
14 Mar 2018 23:26 - +55
Good luck dad dude! I hope you make a quick recovery! And if you have dialysis, be nice to the nurse!
15 Mar 2018 00:38 - +51
Karma whoring your dad
15 Mar 2018 00:44 - +39
My mom had two kidney transplants. Going over 20 years strong and now owns two businesses and has won 3 medals in the transplant olympics. It’s amazing what she has done. I wish your dad luck and well wishes to your entire family.
14 Mar 2018 23:34 - +26
Tell him that most of us dont understand Reddit either. Best of luck from Sweden from me and my pet polar bear, Björn 👍
15 Mar 2018 00:42 - +18
Makes me sick, people post this shit and use their ill family members for Reddit KARMA. Like what?!
14 Mar 2018 22:56 - +17
so this is not a thread for kidneying around?
15 Mar 2018 00:39 - +17
Kick fucking ass. Surgery sucks and recovery is rough. Hope you pull through ok
14 Mar 2018 23:27 - +15
Good luck! All the way from the UK
15 Mar 2018 00:36 - +14
Hi Dad! Everything’s gonna be alright. The worst part will be the nurses talking in the hallways when you’re trying to sleep. The small cups of juice when you want to drink much more. And the urge to pee when you can’t really pee. You’ll be out of there and in good health in no time!
15 Mar 2018 00:38 - +13
thoughts & prayers? wtf stop this shit
15 Mar 2018 00:33 - +13
Goodluck, Pops! Hang in there and have a speedy recovery. Wishing you well!
14 Mar 2018 22:39 - +13
Stay strong!
14 Mar 2018 22:58 - +12
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
14 Mar 2018 22:43 - +11
Good luck dude!
14 Mar 2018 23:20 - +11
You're gonna be ok, I kidneyou not!
15 Mar 2018 00:35 - +9
I don't really know what to say except at least he's not pale as fuck. Very good skin tone for someone about to go into surgery for the second time. And he looks not malnourished. I guess the word is healthy ... Best of luck 😘
14 Mar 2018 23:04 - +9
Cunt’s gonna fuckin smash it. Onya mate. EDIT: That’s a good thing you fuckwits.
15 Mar 2018 00:37 - +7
Don't care about reasons for post. Didnt up or down vote, instead. Best of luck on the surgery. Don't forget to tell him it's just the kidneys and at least his liver is fine for St Paddy's. If liver is also bad, sorry, was trying to make light in the darkness. Either way, the adventure awaits. Here's to a speedy and healthy recovery.
15 Mar 2018 00:44 - +7
Here’s my dying dad, please upvote my post and give me karma!!!!
14 Mar 2018 23:11 - +7
My uncle just had a successful triple-bypass surgery on Friday. I wish you all the best, sending positive vibes, and hope that everything goes as smooth as a baby's bottom!
14 Mar 2018 23:55 - +7
I hope this one does the trick! Best wishes
14 Mar 2018 23:12 - +6
Good luck bro!
14 Mar 2018 23:55 - +6
As we say here: "merde"! Good Luck from France.
14 Mar 2018 23:15 - +6
Blow this shit up Dad, you got this! Remember to tell each nurse you think they’re cute too.
15 Mar 2018 00:41 - +6
Best wishes my friend! :)
15 Mar 2018 00:37 - +6
Sending healing vibes! I have kidney problems and I hope to not experience surgery.
15 Mar 2018 00:36 - +6
My 76-year old father just finished surgery after a really bad case of pneumonia, then a month later he tripped on a carpet and broke his hip. He's in good spirits, might because of all the hot nurses that help him with his therapy. If my dad can get through that, yours can too. Show that kidney who's boss.
15 Mar 2018 00:45 - +5
Chin up! Thank gif for modern science otherwise you’d be pushing daises. Heal up dude!!
15 Mar 2018 00:46 - +5
Wish him the best in surgery. Hope all goes well fellow redditor. Sucks when family has health issues.
15 Mar 2018 00:43 - +5
Woaw woaw woaw i get it that some of you can be tired of that kind of post but maybe grow up and if you don’t have anything nice or uplifting to say maybe don’t say anything and ignore it ? All of you judging and shitting on OP are no better than someone who you think is karma whoring or what not Edit: btw good luck to your dad mate, those are tough times and he s probably happy you stick to his sides, no matter how you do it
14 Mar 2018 23:54 - +5
He looks too strong for that hospital bed and gown.
15 Mar 2018 00:46 - +5
Good luck with the surgery! My dad has survived 2 aneurysms and a couple heart attacks, kidney surgery should be a cinch! Bet he's begging for pancakes after!
15 Mar 2018 00:44 - +4
Good luck man, hope the surgery goes well.
15 Mar 2018 00:33 - +4
Dude - you got this! Think happy thoughts, trust your surgeons and most importantly your nursing staff. They'll take great care of you. Hoping for the best outcome. Good luck from an internet stranger.
14 Mar 2018 23:55 - +3
Bring toilet paper from home, trust me I know what I'm talking about
15 Mar 2018 00:42 - +3
Good luck and speedy recovery.
15 Mar 2018 00:42 - +3
Go Dad, go!
15 Mar 2018 00:36 - +3
You'll do great Dad!
15 Mar 2018 00:35 - +3
Good luck pops!! Speedy Recovery
15 Mar 2018 01:18 - +1
OP's getting very mixed messages from this thread.
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
Now is the time to come clean and tell him your secret. He can't chase you. Let him know you got herpes from Vegas. Don't worry, he gave it to that hooker first.
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
Updooted. Stay strong! I think this is sort of the equivalent of keeping someone in your thoughts/prayers. Showing theres still some good in humanity.
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
Good luck my friend. Stay strong!!
15 Mar 2018 01:13 - +1
“I don’t always have kidney surgery, but when I do, I do it twice in two weeks.”
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
On the other side of this surgery you will feel and look better than you have in years. You will live your best life and deserve that. Good luck from New Jersey.
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
Good luck Jalbert653's Dad! Enjoy the pain killers and sponge baths!
15 Mar 2018 01:21 - +1
I've been through it a few times myself. Chin up, ask for help if/when you need it, trust your instincts, & get well soon!
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
How exactly does the “support” from strangers help your father? “Hey, Dad... blazeIT420xxxfagetxxx says, ‘Hang in there, dude!’”
15 Mar 2018 01:19 - +1
Yo good luck with the surgery. Also, your dad looks a lot like Clancy Brown.
15 Mar 2018 01:10 - +1
you'll pull through, mr. OP's dad :D
15 Mar 2018 01:19 - +1
You people are mean. Hi Dad! Hope it goes well for you today! Welcome to Reddit.
15 Mar 2018 01:19 - +1
ok but imagine being this guy with his dad in the hospital and he may genuinely be in need of your prayers and support thru this and y’all bashing him for possibly trying to karma whore. look at it from either side. i mean if i was in this situation i would ask for some support too. just depends on perspective. either way you got my prayers bruh
15 Mar 2018 01:13 - +1
Hi there! I hope your surgery goes well! Being in the hospital really, really sucks. I hope you're out soon!
15 Mar 2018 01:43 - +1
Tell him he looks like John tortorella
15 Mar 2018 01:15 - +1
Best wishes
15 Mar 2018 01:16 - +1
You look like you should know Reddit, you can come meet us while you are on the mend.
15 Mar 2018 01:18 - +1
Today, we are all his family. Good luck and get well soon, Dad!
15 Mar 2018 00:46 - +1
You can do it! Stay strong!
15 Mar 2018 01:18 - +1
Best of luck and I hope the surgery is successful.
15 Mar 2018 01:11 - +1
I'm fine with posts like this, but r/pics isn't the place to do this.
15 Mar 2018 01:32 - +1
First of all, best of luck to your father. Secondly, I don’t really understand why everyone is making reddit karma out to be some big prize. If anyone can explain why this is such a big deal, please do. Unless it translates into dollars into his bank account, who gives a fuck about reddit karma?
15 Mar 2018 01:37 - +1
This post made me realize the chasm that exists between the people who comment and the people who just view/vote. This has near 20k upvotes but all the top comments are saying why this isn't the place for this post.
15 Mar 2018 01:38 - +1
Thoughts and prayer beams set to Full Recovery mode. Pew pew.
15 Mar 2018 01:14 - +1
One support!
15 Mar 2018 01:38 - +1
Get better soon Mr. Dadperson!
15 Mar 2018 01:19 - +1
Hang in there, Dude!
15 Mar 2018 01:38 - +1
I also Dad myself; good luck on the surgery. Get your strength back so you can yell at the kids on your lawn.
15 Mar 2018 01:43 - +1
There is a lot of negative comments here but send your dad my love and positivity!
15 Mar 2018 01:38 - +1
he looks a bit like john tortorella
15 Mar 2018 01:44 - +1
Prayers and thoughts with pops! I hope it all goes smoothly and he recovers in no time!
15 Mar 2018 01:39 - +1
God speed on recovery .,. Prayers from Kentucky
15 Mar 2018 01:17 - +1
*Hands him platter comprised of a colorful assortment of support.
15 Mar 2018 01:39 - +1
Wishing your Dad all the best JAlbert653.
15 Mar 2018 01:17 - +1
You are way too good looking to have any problems. As soon as your back up and around you go get some tail. Assuming your not married. If you are go hang with your wife. She'll probably want that.
15 Mar 2018 01:39 - +1
This to shall pass sir !
15 Mar 2018 01:05 - +1
No one understands Reddit. Go dad!!!
15 Mar 2018 01:39 - +1
I hope he feels better very soon. He's got this!!
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
He's got this!
15 Mar 2018 01:40 - +1
You’ve got buddies in Canada 🇨🇦 wishing you well!
15 Mar 2018 00:49 - +1
OP, I hope your dad survives and recovers. But if he doesn't, look on the bright side, you can use this same picture for more karma :D
15 Mar 2018 01:40 - +1
You got this papa. This internet stranger wishes you all the best.
15 Mar 2018 01:37 - +1
Reddit is pure cancer at this point.
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
All the best to him and your family. His operation will be sucessful and he will get better soon
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
Good luck, brother
15 Mar 2018 01:05 - +1
My [crew]( and I would just like to say: GOOD LUCK!
15 Mar 2018 01:19 - +1
Jeez guys. This comment section is savage af for reddit. That said, I wish your pop the best OP. I wouldn't take this personally. Reddit is an echobox that will just chirp back at itself over and over, so if the generally established message is that they don't want to see your post, that's what every fucking comment in here is going to be.
15 Mar 2018 01:40 - +1
You can do it dad!
15 Mar 2018 01:40 - +1
Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery !
15 Mar 2018 01:40 - +1
Reading all these comments about "karma whoring" is really making me think. I'm a lupus patient, I recently went through a major hospitalization that almost killed me. Now I'm out and kind of paralyzed and it has disabled me from functioning normally. I go on r/lupus a lot for support because it's hard to cope with the fact that surviving what I went through feels moot because being bedridden doesn't exactly feel like living at all. So... maybe... take it from the perspective of the ailing person? The fact that complete internet strangers would take the time to leave a nice message (I also get random messages from "internet strangers" on Twitter since I am vocal about my experiences) and maybe OP can just read it out to their dad? It's a long, hard struggle to be ill. Any support is appreciated, wherever it's coming from.
15 Mar 2018 01:12 - +1
Fuck these comments. I wish the best for your father, my mom just had a frightening surgery yesterday that made me feel quite alone and scared. Do not listen to the assholes criticizing you, I've been on this website for a decade and see no issue with occasional posts like these.
15 Mar 2018 01:41 - +1
I hope your dad gets better!! Keep us updated and good luck with the surgery! Please ignore the pessimistic comments, people can misunderstand stuff at times.
15 Mar 2018 01:17 - +1
My first thought of this was that op is genuine and not looking for karma. People think negatively. Hope you're dad gets well bud.
15 Mar 2018 01:20 - +1
Bonne chance Dad !
15 Mar 2018 00:47 - +1
Good luck man but this just sounds like you want upvotes. Smh
15 Mar 2018 01:19 - +1
Good luck to him!!
15 Mar 2018 01:16 - +1
Wow these comments are brutal
15 Mar 2018 01:41 - +1
Go OP's Dad!!!
15 Mar 2018 01:42 - +1
For fucks sake people, give this kid a break and stop shaming and lecturing him for reaching out for a little support. And, I don’t care how old he is, he’s still this guy’s kid, and that’s a pretty lonely and scary place to be when your one and only Dad is about to be cut open. So, you would do it differently. OK. Glad you’ve never felt so out of control alone that you looked to strangers for support. Have a little mercy...everyone’s life isn’t the same as yours, and you don’t know this guy’s story. If it turns out some guy is seriously just whoring out a pic for karma, so fucking what? You can still show some fucking mercy as an example of how the world should be.
15 Mar 2018 01:21 - +1
looks like he could be an action star with the grizzled look
15 Mar 2018 01:02 - +1
Good luck. Hope your bed bath is done by a hot nurse.
15 Mar 2018 01:21 - +1
This is what Reddit is all about!
15 Mar 2018 01:27 - +1
I wish the best to your dad and pray for a speedy recovery. The road to recovery can be slow but it is worth it in the end. May God bless you.
15 Mar 2018 01:12 - +1
Good luck person
15 Mar 2018 01:29 - +1
OPs Dad: "So what did they say?" OP: *NOPE
15 Mar 2018 01:14 - +1
Hang in there young man. Hopefully this will be the last surgery for a long time. Get yourself back up.
15 Mar 2018 01:30 - +1
He looks baked
15 Mar 2018 01:16 - +1
Go get em dad!
15 Mar 2018 01:31 - +1
Raises hands. Please take some of my energy.

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