Physicist Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

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14 Mar 2018 12:07 - +798
Albert Einstein born March 14 Stephen Hawking died March 14
14 Mar 2018 12:03 - +553
"I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first." * Stephen Hawking
14 Mar 2018 11:52 - +411
14 Mar 2018 12:05 - +404
That headline made me freeze for a second, RIP.
14 Mar 2018 12:02 - +392
This one hits especially hard. One of the most iconic physicists in the history of mankind.
14 Mar 2018 11:57 - +295
For those who haven't seen it already, the film based on Hawking's life, The Theory of Everything, is truly beautiful.
14 Mar 2018 12:06 - +112
Stephen will have left us with some of the innovative and ground breaking thinking about the nature of existence. He will also serve as an incredible story of how to go on living an incredible life despite a debilitating disease. What a legend. Cheers to Stephen and long live science.
14 Mar 2018 12:11 - +106
Assuming he wrote something ahead of time, he’s uniquely positioned to speak at his own funeral.
14 Mar 2018 11:56 - +89
Holy crap this is real? I can't believe it.... the genius of our time... just gone like that
14 Mar 2018 12:05 - +68
Damn. His mind was absolutely invaluable. This is a shame.
14 Mar 2018 12:00 - +65
Safe trip to the cosmos, RIP Stephen hawking and give Bowie our regards
14 Mar 2018 11:56 - +59
My soul just shivered.
14 Mar 2018 12:11 - +54
I remember picking up "A Brief History of Time" my sophomore year in high school. Before then I was sort of interested in science, but that book was so approachable, without being dumbed down, and utterly fixated me on physics. It is THE reason I pursued physics at university. Rest in Peace Professor Hawking, you inspired a generation and beyond.
14 Mar 2018 12:10 - +52
My current supervisor was one of his PhD students, so I felt like a grand-graduate student of his. Very sad to hear. What an incredible physicist who accomplished so much given his circumstances. His contributions to physics will ensure his memory and inspiration continue to live on.
14 Mar 2018 12:12 - +50
According to therapeutic data on ALS, Hawking should have died of the disease when he was around 27 at the latest. Apparently there is [only one other person]( who has survived that long with the disease. You can't help but wonder if his singular endurance with the condition may not have the same underlying cause as his brilliance. For a 76 year-old, he lived an incredibly full life. He will be remembered and celebrated, which is more than many can hope for, and he stands as a beacon of hope for disabled people everywhere. Good night, sweet prince.
14 Mar 2018 12:07 - +32
He was broken but now he'll fly amongst the stars
14 Mar 2018 11:58 - +28
The world lost a giant.
14 Mar 2018 11:56 - +22
Rest In Peace.
14 Mar 2018 11:55 - +21
Super :(
14 Mar 2018 12:18 - +18
Not only was he the one that prompt me to study physics at the tender age of 10, but I also had the rare opportunity and pleasure to meet him. He had a tour around our lab and brought smiles on everyone's face. I'm just happy that we get to have him for so long, and happy to be in the same universe as him. So long, Stephen. We're all star stuff.
14 Mar 2018 12:03 - +18
Honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to physics it was always way over my head, but I’ve always took time to read anything mr Hawkings wrote. He had a way of connecting me into understanding and enjoying certain theoretic explainations! Rip to this legend
14 Mar 2018 12:20 - +17
"My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all." -Stephen Hawking RIP Dr Hawking, know that, though you cannot be replaced, others will carry on towards yours, and all of science's, goal
14 Mar 2018 12:14 - +15
*Sad robot noises*
14 Mar 2018 12:33 - +13
He was a truly rare person for being a great popularizer of physics who also did truly great physics. The singularity theorems are one of the most beautiful results in physics to me. *The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time* should be required reading for anyone with an interest in gravitational physics or cosmology.
14 Mar 2018 12:09 - +12
I can’t believe it. One of the most inspirational things he said was that, even though his body was trapped in a wheelchair, his mind was free to explore the universe.
14 Mar 2018 12:32 - +11
No no no no no no nO NO NO NO NO FUCK FUCK FUCK SHIT
14 Mar 2018 12:28 - +10
I thought this was a terrible internet hoax. Really sad to hear it's true. The world just got a teeny bit less smart today.
14 Mar 2018 12:18 - +10
A Brief History of Time was one of the books I read as a young man that led me to a career in physics. Thank you Professor Hawking.
14 Mar 2018 12:23 - +9
He was one of the inspirations that got me into physics. I received his book *A Brief History of Time* as a Christmas present as a child. I was always impressed that, despite how immeasurably difficult his life was, he still decided to contribute knowledge with one clicked letter at a time.
14 Mar 2018 11:57 - +9
One of the brightest minds of our time! :(
14 Mar 2018 12:07 - +9
What a sad day. I thought the death sprees of the last couple years was over. No way was he expected to live this long and the man defied all expectations to become an exceptional human.
14 Mar 2018 12:08 - +8
I'm so sorry for our loss.
14 Mar 2018 12:00 - +8
14 Mar 2018 12:09 - +7
Good night sweet prince
14 Mar 2018 12:12 - +6
Thank you for how much you advanced humankind.
14 Mar 2018 12:08 - +6
Don't really know what to say other than Hawking was a wonderful human being and an inspiration. He represented some of the best that humanity had to offer. He was brilliant and fortunately he lived A LOT longer than anticipated when given his diagnosis. RIP ;_;
14 Mar 2018 12:19 - +6
And to know doctors predicted his death much too prematurely. Hawking was a hero for the inquisitive, and a giant of cosmology. May his example live on in us
14 Mar 2018 12:03 - +6
14 Mar 2018 12:18 - +6
I know he was in a wheelchair with that disease, but damn he looked good for 76! I always thought he was 50!
14 Mar 2018 12:02 - +6
14 Mar 2018 12:03 - +5
Rest in Peace
14 Mar 2018 12:48 - +5
Damn. Wasn't expecting it so early. RIP.
14 Mar 2018 12:08 - +5
You will be missed. Thank you for inspiring us all.
14 Mar 2018 12:05 - +4
What a bummer. Rest in peace.
14 Mar 2018 12:27 - +4
“It is not clear that intelligence has any long-term survival value.” -Stephen Hawking. I know it’s in bad taste, but he also said, “Life would be tragic if it weren't funny.” RIP. I wish we could learn more from his knowledge, but I hope we see greater growth from his impact on the world.
14 Mar 2018 13:33 - +4
My grandma got me Stepehen Hawking's A Briefer History of Time when I was around 18. This is just a shorter more simplified version of his most famous book, A Brief History of Time. After I read it, I was inspired to become a physicist and study the universe just as Hawking had. I am now in a major university and I am doing research on the heavy ion collider at Brookhaven National Lab. This man inspired me to become everything that I am today and I learned countless lessons studying his work and his life. I don't know what to say right now or how to feel. I know Professor Hawking would want us all to keep pushing on in science and in life. RIP
14 Mar 2018 12:06 - +4
I still have the copy of A Brief History of Time and loan it out to my students all of the time. A titan of modern science. RIP.
14 Mar 2018 12:21 - +4
He made physics fascinating for everyone, whilst researching at the highest level.
14 Mar 2018 12:09 - +4
This is a very sad day, I am in disbelief and just staring at the headline :( RIP Professor Hawking, thanks for teaching us so much. We have lost a giant today.
14 Mar 2018 12:09 - +4
Yo as someone who grew up watching a lot of physics and universe videos/tv shows, this hit hard.
14 Mar 2018 12:40 - +4
I’m drunk but fuck
14 Mar 2018 14:03 - +4
I used to read Brief History of Time in my high school maths classes instead of doing the work. Hawking's message have got through somehow, in spite of my past laziness I'm now doing my PhD in particle physics.
14 Mar 2018 15:20 - +4
Usually wake up to the news at 7am. I have never gone from being basically still asleep to fully awake so quickly.
14 Mar 2018 14:22 - +3
RIP. Kind of a coincidence he left us on a PI(3.14) day
14 Mar 2018 12:12 - +3
Rest in peace. Truly one of the greatest of all time
14 Mar 2018 12:16 - +3 In memory of Bekenstein and Hawking.
14 Mar 2018 12:11 - +3
14 Mar 2018 12:10 - +3
14 Mar 2018 12:15 - +3
Damn. You can argue all you want about who's made the most contributions to physics, but there's no doubt Stephen Hawking was a true icon.
14 Mar 2018 12:14 - +3
Is this real?
14 Mar 2018 12:22 - +3
Dude, no :C
14 Mar 2018 12:03 - +3
RIP ,:(
14 Mar 2018 12:10 - +3
Please tell me his mind was uploaded to a satellite where he will be safe forever..... :(
14 Mar 2018 12:06 - +3
I was just started watching physics videos and how Stephen hawking was one of the greatest scientists, RIP :(
14 Mar 2018 12:12 - +3
14 Mar 2018 12:07 - +3
Wow... such a big loss. Rest in peace Hawking. Your humor will be missed.
14 Mar 2018 12:12 - +3
It’s really incredible he lived as long as he did.
14 Mar 2018 12:09 - +3
Truely an inspiration to everyone.
14 Mar 2018 12:15 - +3
14 Mar 2018 12:09 - +3
Damn, amazing he survived so long with his illness. And still being incredibly productive for so long too.
14 Mar 2018 12:21 - +3
OMG, I love his Album, worked with Pink Floyd, his voice was great... --- [Keep Talking && Talkin` Hawkin`]( ---
14 Mar 2018 12:24 - +3
I don’t think its ever bothered me when a celebrity has died, but this has truly made me sad :(
14 Mar 2018 12:02 - +3
oh...oh man
14 Mar 2018 11:56 - +3
In the middle of watching a documentary about aliens, i see this post. Please dont be real.
14 Mar 2018 13:07 - +2
"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." RIP.
14 Mar 2018 13:01 - +2
It seems fitting that this is the first celebrity death to ever make me cry.
14 Mar 2018 12:28 - +2
His body may be gone but his legacy will never die. R.I.P.
14 Mar 2018 13:48 - +2
What is with that tweet from Neil degrase Tyson? That dude is literally always in iamverysmart mode.
14 Mar 2018 13:15 - +2
This guy proved how valuable a good mind is. He was able to accomplish more being bound in a wheelchair almost his entire life then most physically active people will.
14 Mar 2018 13:04 - +2
Born on Galileo’s Birthday. Died on Einstein’s Birthday. RIP.
14 Mar 2018 12:54 - +2
Stephen Hawking really had a great influence on my life... "The Universe in a Nutshell" was the book that inspired me to study physics in college! RIP
14 Mar 2018 13:10 - +2
As a true scientist, he left this world on 3.14. Godspeed sir...
14 Mar 2018 12:41 - +2
:( Guess he'll just have to live on with the rest of the best, in the garden of my mind..
14 Mar 2018 12:52 - +2
Not much of a book person, but remember being so enticed in A Brief History of time I read the thing in a weekend. A smart, brilliant, inspirational man. Will be missed.
14 Mar 2018 12:42 - +2
Right in the midst of another space race. I hope he can finally rest in peace knowing we are finally headed in the right direction.
14 Mar 2018 12:57 - +2
Damn. RIP Stephen Hawking. Truly an inspirational physicist for our generation.
14 Mar 2018 12:42 - +2
this definitely comes as a shock, i thought it was some kind of joke when i read the headline. I have to say, though, his life seems like a life well lived. He massively outlasted his ALS prognosis and made great contributions to humanity.
14 Mar 2018 13:02 - +2
He lived a good life. RIP
14 Mar 2018 12:44 - +2
Fuck. Science besides, his witty remarks and self-deprecating sense of humour were everything.
14 Mar 2018 13:04 - +2
My others spring from your shoulders in the pursuit of knowledge.
14 Mar 2018 12:46 - +2
Thank you Stephen for all you have done for science. :(
14 Mar 2018 13:08 - +2
Lit my Einstein saint candle for the first time tonight. :(
14 Mar 2018 12:52 - +2
“One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don't throw it away.” ~ Stephen Hawking
14 Mar 2018 13:12 - +2
Never got a chance to meet alien :(
14 Mar 2018 12:23 - +2
This thumbnail is always bad news. It's a sad day for science and humanity.
14 Mar 2018 13:17 - +2
Died peacefully in his home. I didnt agree with him on alot of things but im so thankful his pain has ended. Nothing can be asked more for a man but to die peacefully
14 Mar 2018 12:27 - +2
Rest in peace, Mr. Hawking.
14 Mar 2018 12:18 - +2
On Pi day.
14 Mar 2018 12:37 - +2
Can't believe it. Literaly watched his movie with Eddie Redmayne last week. This one is hard.
14 Mar 2018 12:21 - +1
) :
14 Mar 2018 12:45 - +1
14 Mar 2018 13:22 - +1
As a mod, I think it's important to try not to silence anyone here because this is an inherently emotional topic, but I would like to remind everyone to be thoughtful and mature in the comments. Further reading: * [NASA tweet]( * [Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet]( * [Hawking's AMA on /r/Science from two years ago](

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