Elon Musk explains why he launched a car toward Mars — and the reasons are much bigger than his ego: “The goal of this was to inspire you, and make you believe again, just as people believed in the Apollo era, that anything is possible.”

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14 Mar 2018 09:08 - +4393
I have it on good authority that he put one of his Horcrux in the car.
14 Mar 2018 08:39 - +2173
14 Mar 2018 08:59 - +1058
Mission accomplished. I'm now volunteering to help our library out with activities for their nasa grant. Also 3d printed the falcon heavy with strongback, pa-in-law is helping me make a display case so it can live in the library kids section. I'm inspired to help inspire!
14 Mar 2018 08:50 - +704
Elon Musk is the start up of any villian in movies. Genius with lots of money launching rockets into space. All we need now is something tragic to happen to a loved one and all the Tesla's will "drive" everyone insane or fire a rocket that will blow up half of Texas. Or something along those lines
14 Mar 2018 09:48 - +283
I love Elon Musk but both of my parents don’t. My dad thinks he gets too much credit and my mom thinks he’s a complete fake.
14 Mar 2018 08:17 - +163
14 Mar 2018 09:34 - +142
Is there an Enough Elon Musk Spam subreddit? This is nothing but free PR.
14 Mar 2018 09:49 - +142
Man Reddit sure circlejerks the hell outta this guy
14 Mar 2018 09:55 - +129
On mobile, it looks like Elon is looking up and reading the title of the post he is in.
14 Mar 2018 08:42 - +111
If anything it showed me that you can do whatever you want with enough money. It didn't really change my outlook on life.
14 Mar 2018 09:10 - +95
Seriously. Stop focusing on celebs. Dream big again!
14 Mar 2018 09:28 - +86
I don't think anyone doubted you could put an object in space.
14 Mar 2018 10:14 - +76
It's a car? We've launched probes that take pictures of and explore planets. Not sure how a car is supposed to be more inspiring
14 Mar 2018 10:15 - +74
can we get an elon musk flair to filter in this sub? I really don't need an article on my front page every time he sneezes.
14 Mar 2018 10:06 - +71
Nope, wasn’t my ego. I just want to be the inspiration for a generation. Wow
14 Mar 2018 11:29 - +70
Can we please just rename this sub already: "ElonMuskQuotes"
14 Mar 2018 09:48 - +68
I less impressed that a car can be launched into orbit than I am that one individual citizen can have the idea and make it happen.
14 Mar 2018 10:04 - +37
PROTIP: If you have to remind people that they were to have been inspired by your actions, they weren't inspiring.
14 Mar 2018 07:48 - +29
*also to keep those sweet sweet military contracts rolling in.
14 Mar 2018 11:54 - +27
No. He did it because he needed to test a payload for his new rockets and knew that this would be a great PR stunt. End of story. If he cared about higher ideals he would have had a competition amongst universities to build them a satellite for Mars, with the understanding that there's a good chance it fails etc. But he wanted the PR for his cars. End of story. I am not criticizing him for this. It's his private company, he can do what he want. I am criticizing people who believe he is somehow altruistic in everything he does. He is a business man who cares a lot about his image. Don't ever forget that.
14 Mar 2018 11:07 - +19
It’s now the fastest car ever. The most miles on a car ever. The farthest car from this earth. The only car in space. He did it to break records. My man trying to stack some Guinness world records.
14 Mar 2018 11:56 - +13
I feel like if you were to ask someone why they did something, that was really for their ego, they would answer something like, to inspire the common folk. Not saying Musk didn't do it to start a space race. But what he did to start it was kind of all about him and his products.
14 Mar 2018 10:27 - +7
...Or regulations require any experimental rocket to have a dummy payload, and launching an old car was just so much more inspiring and awesome than a lump of concrete as it's usually done...
14 Mar 2018 11:47 - +5
Not surprised, there's too much pessimism now a days. We fucking have the internet and things like Reddit where we can discuss this stuff with other conscious living human beings and there are still tons of people who think things we can certainly achieve are impossible like we had 100 years ago people thinking going to the moon was impossible. Come on, if you're a leader of innovation and mankind's growth towards technological achievements like Elon Musk you will be disappointed and saddened in even one of billions of people with literally limitless potential truly believing and saying things are still impossible in the world we live in. The truth is people are just frustrated with their or other people's lives so don't want to even think about all the sci fi dreams guys like Elon Musk may want. If this world was a utopia and everyone was content we would 100% see billions of people wanting to go to Mars or the moons everyday and it will be considered childsplay, turn into tourist attractions and easily colonized than thought of as *impossible* or *too dangerous*.
14 Mar 2018 11:08 - +4
> and the reasons are much bigger than his ego... Can't it be both?
14 Mar 2018 11:13 - +3
Good. We need to believe in the future. And more importantly, we need more people interested in science and space.
14 Mar 2018 13:34 - +1
I haven't done any thing more than average research on his Elon's successes and failures but whether or not he has huge engineering teams behind him, he still has the vision and organizes the engineering teams. It's one thing to have a vision but another to get people behind it and to organize them in such a way that they are able to finish it. How many CEO's do you know of that actually put their own engineering skills (or any aplicable physical skills) to a product. Again, no crazy amount of research on Mr. Musk

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