So Nintendo is hiring a graphic designer and I might have sent them this as my cover letter

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14 Mar 2018 04:16 - +6080
What if this guy posted this so that some photoshop whiz would swoop in to show him how shitty he is by fixing it, but giving him something quality to actually submit to Nintendo?   **Edit:** Whoah, this totally went off the rails and turned into an unintentional /r/roastme session. I definitely didn't mean it like this /u/gageypoopoo. I was actually riffing off how some prideful user would call it shitty, then be baited into doing your work for you. Using the top comment slot to say:*be good to each other, Reddit. There's already too much hate in the world. G'Nite!*
14 Mar 2018 07:15 - +5770
I’ve been a professional designer for more years than I care to admit, and I’d say your ability to take criticism is going to be a huge asset in your career. You might still be polishing your skills (and who isn’t?), but that kind of attitude goes a long way towards helping you get there. Good luck with the application.
14 Mar 2018 03:00 - +2332
What's your Smash Ball move?
14 Mar 2018 03:46 - +2093
I suppose kerning wasn't taught in your school? Nailed that drop shadow though.
14 Mar 2018 06:08 - +1371
Sending a company as big as Nintendo such poor quality work probably won't give them a good first impression.
14 Mar 2018 03:03 - +1103
As a graphic design student I know for a fact you can do better then this. You're talking about Nintendo man a pretty big time company that will probably have tons of qualified applicants so you need to stand out and put your best foot forward. I'm not trying to talk shit or put you down I believe in you man! Edit: fixed it so people can stop being upset about my English.
14 Mar 2018 04:09 - +729
14 Mar 2018 05:02 - +560
As someone who occasionally looks at resumes, I find that this entry includes poor cropping of human figure (*see*, his sides from the chest down). Indicates poor attention to detail and laziness in executing simple tasks. 6/10, would schedule phone interview and never follow up. Edit: However, I do like that the inconsistent cropping is reflected in the figure's shadow. Shows that the applicant may be too focused on the "difficult" aspects to the detriment of the "simple".
14 Mar 2018 07:20 - +430
The comments make me think I'm actually in /r/RoastMe
14 Mar 2018 03:08 - +415
*furiously applauds* get it for all the Gages out there
14 Mar 2018 06:21 - +409
Text: - Fix the kerning, very uneven and inconsistent. - Text is way too close the edge. Look at the original content and use their layout to copy their placement of elements, think rule of thirds and the relationship between elements. - If you don’t have the exact font, strictly use properly/commercial made fonts that have a similar appearance as they will have proper letter spacing and kerning built into them. Look at slab serif, serif fonts. Photo: - I don’t know how you did the deep-etching of the photo. But I suggest you learn how to use clipping masks, or if you did use this method, tweak the feathering options, etc. to fix the edge of the image. In this circumstance it’s better to actually cut more away to simplify the edge–especially with hair. - Use some colour adjustment layers to match the tonality of the photo the background. It looks like you don’t belong in the image. What I would start with is increasing the contrast, tweaking the colour balance, saturation & vibrance, to better match the theme/motif of the image.
14 Mar 2018 04:44 - +365
Your T's are closer together than any of the other letters.
14 Mar 2018 05:07 - +274
Did you even try to make the text look right? Come on man. [Here's]( how the real one looks
14 Mar 2018 07:18 - +267
Bad News: You're probably not working for Nintendo. Good News: You went big and learned a good lesson. Nothing but higher quality work from here on out amigo.
14 Mar 2018 04:22 - +225
14 Mar 2018 05:19 - +218
Good idea, but as a programmer I look at this and I don't see a graphic designer, I see a post on reddit. This is the cover of your resume, this is the FIRST thing they're going to see, and likely will get a lot of scrutiny. This should be your best. It's different if you sent a letter, as a programmer I usually go "I want a job" and get a look mostly because my resume is really good (the content not the look, because it's god awful looking) because they don't expect much more, but you are giving them a piece of art you designed. Ignoring your look (I think others have been over that enough) your font choice looks bad, the lettering doesn't look right, and then when you know what it's based on it doesn't even look half as good. For everyone, remember cover letters/resumes/portfolio is usually all the department sees at the beginning and the initial piece that helps them make a decision about you. It needs to be your TOP SHELF quality, not a five minute joke.
14 Mar 2018 07:45 - +210
Remind me to never post a picture of myself to reddit in the off chance it gets to front page. Idk how op is handling all this "constructive criticism" on his looks this well.
14 Mar 2018 07:39 - +196
13K upvotes in 4 hours, we just got played, he is actually applying for the marketing department
14 Mar 2018 05:36 - +181
Can't tell if you're posing as graphic designer and made this as a joke, or if you ARE a graphic designer and just don't understanding kerning or how to crop.
14 Mar 2018 07:11 - +167
Damn dude you're getting tore up in here
14 Mar 2018 07:59 - +85
ITT: Reddit tries to thrash, but OP refuses to be thrashed.
14 Mar 2018 03:28 - +84
*Gage leaves the battle.* Reason: No man buns.
14 Mar 2018 07:06 - +76
prepare to not get hired
14 Mar 2018 03:20 - +59
The question is can you draw a chair? Because your going to need to sit down for this....
14 Mar 2018 07:21 - +45
Everybody thinks they're the fuckin' photoshop shit.
14 Mar 2018 07:37 - +39
[Hire me instead, Nintendo.]( Also, I don't remember Smash Bros. graphic design looking so shitty.
14 Mar 2018 07:03 - +33
I made [this]( one day, but it was before I knew a damn thing about Photoshop, so it looks like shit.
14 Mar 2018 06:52 - +32
You apply for Graphic designer but your body says, how do you take your coffee
14 Mar 2018 04:58 - +31
Bad cutout though
14 Mar 2018 05:25 - +29
I know you think this was a good idea, but it probably lost you the job. Same thing with people who make funny cover letter videos, they get tossed out immediately.
14 Mar 2018 05:25 - +26
White lines at the very edge for both sides. Exclamation mark is cut off, awkward and out of place. The white light has always been placed higher, is more opaque and the reach is lowered quite a bit. Background could've been saturated heavier, inconsistent from other examples. Hope your interviewer is blind :/
14 Mar 2018 08:05 - +26
You've successfully tied your resume to your Reddit account that's got evidence of drug use and who knows what else on it. Good luck with that 😉
14 Mar 2018 06:59 - +20
Honestly this is a great idea, but it wouldn't work since Miyamoto said himself he doesn't like hiring gamers, some odd feeling of this not going through with them honestly.
14 Mar 2018 07:09 - +17
Definitely needs work. But I applaud the attempt. Never gonna get better unless you try. Keep it up
14 Mar 2018 07:43 - +16
I like it but as someone who's gone through the Nintendo interview process they're pretty boring and serious in interviews. I'd go as far to say, they were the most old fashioned and serious bunch I ever interviewed at.
14 Mar 2018 07:43 - +14
Now, I knew the internet could be this mean, I’ve just never seen it in person...
14 Mar 2018 07:43 - +12
Reading my comments on here...Reddit is brutal

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