This young lady recieved a telegram from the Queen for being 100 years old. She let her postie take her picture on the condition 'everyone' would see it!


14 Mar 2018 02:54 - +11373
She doesn’t look a day over 76....
14 Mar 2018 03:33 - +4038
holy hell, she's 100? she aged really well....and telegrams are still a thing?
14 Mar 2018 03:42 - +3296
To put things into perspective, she was born 17 years before Elvis and has lived longer than the Soviet Union lasted. She lived through the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, WW2, Kennedy's assassination, the Moon landing, Watergate, the rise and fall of the Berlin wall, the birth of the Internet and Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special
14 Mar 2018 03:23 - +2287
She looks good for 100, my Great Grandmother looked like nothing but skin and bones and she was in her 90's.
14 Mar 2018 04:13 - +791
Her skin is flawless, somebody ask her what lotion she uses please.
14 Mar 2018 04:39 - +720
She was born during the final months of World War One. They didn't even have radios when she was a kid,and there was no air travel, and only the rich had cars and they drove on gravel roads that had been built for horses. She was 21 when Hitler invaded Poland, 27 when they dropped the first atomic bomb, 50 during the Tet Offensive and the rise of the Beatles. That's an interesting life.
14 Mar 2018 03:51 - +623
Soon the Queen will be older than the 100 year olds she gives telegrams to
14 Mar 2018 02:46 - +590
Remember that one time...yeah she remembers all the times!
14 Mar 2018 03:26 - +384
She's more fashionable than me.
14 Mar 2018 04:23 - +188
Bro, the package says "Do not bend" and the darn thing isn't folded. Wth is this?
14 Mar 2018 03:20 - +160
>Postie Y'all got funny words, and I love it.
14 Mar 2018 05:06 - +121
I can confirm that the queen does this. My late great-great aunt received a letter from the queen on on her 100th as well. She ran a lingerie store back during the air raids in WWII. The store sold feminine products, and she kept it open (albeit shuttered) to ensure women had access to those supplies. I don’t believe the woman pictured here told the postman to make it go viral tho lol.
14 Mar 2018 05:26 - +84
I would've thought a 100 year old person would look like...witch level old. Instead it's your average grandma. What is this sorcery?
14 Mar 2018 03:13 - +83
I could only hope to age half as gracefully
14 Mar 2018 02:40 - +81
Huge milestone. Congrats to her!
14 Mar 2018 03:15 - +67
TIL British nationals can get a letter from the Queen when you turn 100, 105 and every following birthday after that. Also, a couple can get a letter on their 60th, 65th, 70th and each anniversary year following their 70th.
14 Mar 2018 03:49 - +64
When it says "Do Not Bend" and it's from the Queen, the mailman better not bend it.
14 Mar 2018 05:15 - +64
>She let her postie take her picture on the condition 'everyone' would see it! 100 years old and still whoring that karma
14 Mar 2018 03:36 - +61
My nana is 100 and proudly got one of these. That lady could be my nana's daughter.
14 Mar 2018 05:37 - +59
My wife’s Nan is 103 and still living. She was born in Country Down in Northern Ireland, which meant she got a Telegraph from the Queen and one from the President of Ireland and €2,540. The President of Ireland is probably the sweetest looking old guy you will ever see -
14 Mar 2018 05:14 - +37
That title was so British not a single person even had to ask where she lived.
14 Mar 2018 04:43 - +28
Damn she looks amazing for 100!
14 Mar 2018 05:40 - +20
She looks great for her age! When my great gran got her letter from the queen she was going through a phase of tying her bed sheets together and escaping through the window of her 1st floor room with no clothes on.
14 Mar 2018 05:20 - +20
She looks better than I do and I'm a quarter of her age.
14 Mar 2018 05:37 - +16
My goodness, she is beautiful, nevermind her age!
14 Mar 2018 05:55 - +12
"Do not bend" Inspiring words from the Queen. Stand firm, lady! Never bend! How motivational.
14 Mar 2018 06:38 - +11
Not every day I scroll through reddit and see my great aunt on the front page!! Happy 100th Simmy!!
14 Mar 2018 05:42 - +8
Man I've been working with old people for too long, the first thing I did was check her over and make sure she has a stick or a frame nearby! She's adorable though, she looks so full of life!
14 Mar 2018 05:17 - +7
I cannot wait till my Great Grandma gets hers. Hopefully she'll live to see it...

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